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Hello I'm Adam Hart-Davis.

About me
















My Events and Talks


I give lots of public talks and lectures, please look at my Events page to find out if I am appearing somewhere near you.


2016 is the 250th Anniversary of the Lunar Society. They are organising lots of events in Lichfield to celebrate during 2016. See here for more information.

I am a freelance writer and photographer, I have written many books about Science and History. I do some broadcasting on radio and television. I like working from home, often with a cat helping on my desk. When I have to travel I like to do it by bike and train.


I am highly Honoured to have been awarded the ASME's (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) prestigious Ralph Coats Roe Medal which  recognizes outstanding contributions toward a better public understanding and appreciation of the engineerís worth to contemporary society.







My new hobby - Green Woodworking

My latest hobby is green woodworking, here is a bowl I made recently and some chairs. There are lots more photographs of things I have made on my Woodwork page, along with useful links if you are interested in Green Woodwork.


The Science Museum

In March 2011, I opened a new Exhibition at The Science Museum entitled "James Watt and our World". This brilliant exhibit features Watt's original workshop, completely reassembled and moved to the Science Museum in London. Watch a video about it on YouTube.


Promotional Film for BP

Click here to see a recent film I made for BP about carbon offsetting.

Why not watch some of my mini-videos and podcasts?


Why I support the Historic Royal Palaces:  

Prince Albert was a champion of Victorian innovation and industry - and apparently very fond of gadgets! In this video I championed the campaign to transform Kensington Palace by 2012. I tell you a bit more about my love of the Victorians - and explain why we should all play a part in the palace's future.

My wife at I at Hampton Court 2013


Are you a budding Inventor?

Iím not an inventor and I have no mechanism for helping inventors.  If you need help with patenting please approach the Patent Office.  Or if you want advice and information about developing ideas, why not approach www.ideas21.co.uk

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