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To read any of the articles I have written

for the  Radio Times,

select from the menu below.

Radio Times articles

from 2003-2005


I have written lots more articles for other papers, see below:


Sounds Familiar
The Hounding of the Royals 
Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells?
The Mystery of the Stones
Going Loco
Pedal Power
Genius Sperm
Sandals, Slaughter and Sex
Greased Lightning
Flying Saucers
The Stuarts
The Ascent of Man
Test-tube Tantrums
RT Mastermind
Medical Marvels
Engineering Triumphs
Surreal Estate
Offshore Wind Farms
Nothing to Loos
A Bridge Too Far
Flogging a Dead Horse
Christmas Quiz Questions



Articles written for

Microsoft Encarta

What did the Romans ever do for us?

Is the weather really changing?

Taking the piss - Urine through the ages

Are we alone?

Eurekaaargh - Inventions that nearly worked

Why beans make you fart

Three great ancient Greeks

Cooking up inventions



Worst Jobs
Asteroid Alert
Eureka Years
The Man Who Missed the Dinosaurs 
The Sagger-maker's
The Master
Naming Nature
Albert Einstein       
Ancient Plastic Surgery
The Ancients
Gold in Them There Banks and Braes
Animal Magnetism
Panem et Circenses
That Spotty Old Sun
Telling Stories
Beethoven's Hair
A Blind Eye





Laser Guide Star

Rome leads to all roads. You don't have to go to the British Museum to witness ancient Roman life. It is all around us. Comment is Free, The Guardian, 13 April 2013


Pioneers of the Industrial Revolution The Royal Mail Presentation Pack of Stamps. Telegraph, 7 March 2009


How Big Science Seduced Us Telegraph, 13 September 2008


In conversation with Martin Hesp (PDF file) Western Morning News, 10 September 2008


Science Centres Science in Parliament Vol 65 No 1 Spring 2008

Putting the 'P' into compost Telegraph Seven Magazine September 2007

My morning as a time traveller Daily Telegraph September 2007

Are we alone?  Radio Times 2007                  

World Toilet Day    Wateraid Report, November 2007

World Toilet Day   Daily Telegraph, 19 November 2004                             

Newton and the rotten apple  Daily Telegraph, 11 September 2002                           

At home and school in 1952 
The Times, June 2002              

A tough mistake
Chemistry Review, September 2001                                  

The Pioneers who Invented Progress 
Daily Telegraph, August 2001

Romans were streets ahead 
Daily Telegraph, November 2000

The birth of the bike  
Eurekaaargh!, 1999         

Thomas Crapper  
Thunder, Flush and Thomas Crapper, 1997




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