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In the Press

An interview with the Plymouth Herald, 02 March 2013

TV scientist Adam Hart-Davis on art, life and how nuclear power is key to keeping the lights on in Plymouth. Read the article on their web site here.


The following General Reviews, Interviews and Photographs can be found in the page below

  • Darts experiment at the Daily Telegraph Science Party!

  • Toff or Cloth Cap? The Sunday Telegraph Family Detective

  • How the Spen Valley Civic Society has, quite literally, put me on the map!

  • Review of History : The Definitive Visual Guide

  • Astronomy Now Interview

  • The Times review of Cosmos : A Beginner's Guide

  • The Daily Telegraph review of Just Another Day

  • The Independent Interview

  • Private Eye cartoon

  • Various articles from the Evening Standard, Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, Guardian, Scotsman and Radio Times!

and further articles by clicking on the following links;

  • Read my article on The 'Definative Visual Guide' to History in Local History Magazine

  • Read my correspondence with James Randi.

  • Read an article on World Toilet Day for the Daily Telegraph.

  • Excerpt from the book launch of Talking Science, published in the Independent.

  • Guardian review of my recent radio series Engineering Solutions.

  • For my financial tips and top secrets, see this Guardian article.

  • Here's a March 2004 interview with BBC Tyne features.

  • Read a review of my book Henry Winstanley and the Eddystone Lighthouse.

General Reviews and Interviews

The Daily Telegraph, 31st January 2008

The Sunday Telegraph

Spenborough Guardian, 3rd November 2007


 The Times 22nd September 2007



                                                        Astronomy Now October 2007                                                  



       The Times, 7 August 2007                                                   The Daily Telegraph, 14 September 2007

The Independent, 8 April 2006

  Private Eye, 8-21 August 2003 << Click here to view the Private Eye website

Evening Standard, 10 August 2005


                    Daily Mail, 14 April 2005                                                                         Daily Telegraph, 19 April 2005


Daily Telegraph, 31 March 2005

Guardian, 18 April 2005

Daily Telegraph
, 28 January 2005

Daily Telegraph, 29 January 2005

Scotsman, 8 December 2004


Evening Standard, 12 February 2003

Evening Standard, November 2002

Radio Times, 9-15 November 2002


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